Arduino Logger Photos

The complete logger

The oak clamshell I made for this project cannot disguise that this is a crude breadboard!

Inside view

The Duemilanove is unmodified. The logger kit was made up with extended headers instead of the pin headers supplied. So was the protoshield, to alow for top connections. These came from Jameco.
The shields, display, and analog boad have connectors to facilitate modifications and re-use.
I needed to make a hold-down for the stack, or it would ride up with pressing the reset button on the proto-shield - the only accessable reset!


The project can be powered from the Duemilanove jack if kept to 8V, or from the USB, without backlight.
The trimpot sets the analog scaleing.


On booting, if a switch is on, there is a screen, not shown, to release it, otherwise, or afterwards, this screen is briefly shown. If there is no valid SD in the socket, there is a different message, and recording is bypassed.

Enter setup

This screen is next, showing a countdown for a few secods. If interrupted, the following sequence occurs. If ignored, normal running commences..

Select setup item

This screen shows the available setup choices in sequence, plus a "Finished". These are RTC minutes and hours, and the four analog full-scale ranges. You can go round and round until picking "Finished". On picking one, you get the next screen, or anather similar choice.

Make adjustments

Pressing the left button repeatly cycles through the allowed values. When the desired one shows, pressing the right button stores it in the RTC and returns to trhe previous screen.

Setting summary

This screen is shown after the setup countdown to confirm the stored settings to the user. It stays on until a response

Normal Screen

Normal runtime screen. The decimal point position ivaries with range to show 4 digits. The "SerialLCD.prinr()" method in the library I wrote has a parameter for the number of decimal places. Unfortunately, the library supplied for the SD does not do this, and I could not change it because i did not have the source code for the print class.
The recording interval cycles through the 4 choices: 1 sec, 10 sec, 1 minute and 10 minutes with the left button. The new choice is shown and stored with each press.

Stop Screen

When it is time to remove power or the SD, pressing the right switch brings up this screen and allows safe SD removal. It also inhibits recording so rebooting is required to re-enable recording.