Analog and Digital Weather Display

This replaces a Stepping Motor Clock because I used its chassis for this project. In any case it was removed from the index because it never worked reliably.
The analog readout is driven by a 50-position stepping motor and a 12 inch dial, while the digital readout is a 2x16 OLED display.
It has six selectable inputs. Three are provided by its own digital sensor, while the other three are received from messages sent each minute from the Solar Transmitter project (in the RF Data Communications section).
There are two ways to select which input to display, local and remote. The local methed is a rotary switch, and the remote is by using the Handheld Universal Control with OLED display (in the RF lighting Control section). Both are always active, the last selection made is used.
There are two circuit boards with Picaxe controllers:

1. The Motor Controller which provides the pulses for the stepping motor. It gets its input by a RS-232 TTL-level character from the Sensor Board. It sends back a "Ready" signal when the motor is stopped.

2. The Sensor Board, mounts under the Stepper Motor Controller, to which it is connected by a 6 conductor cable. It contains a temperature-humidity-pressure digital sensor, and a receiver. It connects to the digital display via a 10-conductor cable.

Also there are chassis Components These inlude the Digital Display, the Power Supply, and the Selector Switch..