Clock in Jam Jar with 8-character LED display

This clock has a 3-axis accelerometer inside which enables it to be controlled solely by rolling and pitching. It has 8, 14-segment red LED displays.


When level with the display forward, it shows the time.
Rotating to move the face up shows Day and Date temporarily.
Rotating to move the face down shows Month and Year.
The default display is 12-Hour, for 24, power up with face rolled up.
By default the display is off in the dark. To keep it on, power up with face rolled down.
To reset to default, power up with face upside down. These selections are persistent.
To adjust minutes, pitch the display with connector down until Ms show, then bring down level again and alter the value by rolling uo or down.
Time mode returns automatically after a few seconds.
Likewise, the hour value may be adjusted by pitching with the connector up.

These are the photos of the finished clock.

Here is the Arduino sketch.

Hereis the block circuit diagram.