A Set of Lighted Ornaments

My wife and I have gone on a lot of road trips since retiring and have accumulated souvenirs. Some of these are small glass or translucent mineral ornaments which beg to be lighted.
Over the years their display has grown haphazardly. There are now 16 lighted bases for them.
The first implementation was in 2016. A 2-channel receiver and relay box on the floor controlled a lamp suspended from the ceiling and was connected to a second box which had a passive constant-current driver which was connected to the series-connected ornaments in the adjacent display cabinet.

A radical change in 2021 was made because the constant-current source ran out of voltage to add more ornaments. The ceiling light was separated, a 4-channel receiver was put into the cabinet, 2 active constant current DC-DC converters drove the ornaments and solid-state relays controlled a collection of lighted California Mission models. A circular RGB fading display became the center piece.

The current setup was prompted by the failure of one of the constant-current converters and one of te solid-state power relays. This time the ceiling lamp is controlled by one of the channels and a solid-state relay and the circle display is modified with a central, very bright, computer-controlled RGB LED. All of the bases are now driven by constant-voltage because many are now RGB and have varying currents.

This is the block diagram
This are the power circuits
These are the bases
This is the circle display which includes the 3V supply

Cabinet Top
Cabinet Shelf