Octagon Display

This project is based on an octagon-shaped 3/4” slab of clear acrylic with embedded flowers. It is 10” across, which was the largest regular shape I could cut from a toilet lid which was installed in my house when I bought it in 1989. After it was removed from service because it did not fit a new toilet bowl, and rgb LEDs became available,  the previous version of this project was made. This used 8 rgb LEDs in holes, and was not very impressive. Also it had an inconvenient separate electronics unit and a wired-in power supply.

This new version is a complete re-design using 72 WS2812B neo-pixels sunk into a groove and facing outwards. It is self-contained except for a generic plug-in power supply.

The black item placed on top is a silver-plated tray for candy, etc.

The octagon is fastened on top of a short metal pedestal which contains the processor and the DV-DC converter.

Under the octagon is a bracket for the controls.