A control transmitter using a rotary switch and a toggle switch

This design is predicated on getting a minature toggle switch with double-pole momentary-off-momentary action, not a popular option. The device to be controlled is selected by a rotary switch, and the toggle switch initiates transmission of ON or OFF codes for up and down. It is quicker than the pushbutton transmitters since no wait for multiple presses is needed,
It uses an analog approach for determining the rotary switch position which depends on the close matching typical of SIP resistor packs. I got dozens of these cheaply from a "Grab Bag" and the rotary switch is from a Navy auction of a pallet load of spare aircraft control panels for $75.

This is the inside. The design is very compact since the resistor divider consistes of tiny SIP modules, and the rotary switch needs only one bank. Note the Chinese transmitter module at top left.

Here is the circuit diagram. The toggle switch being double-pole greatly simplifies the circuit.

Here is the program code. The codes are specified with a DATA string.