"Stamp Cycler":Rechargable Battery Test System

This was my first self-contained Parallax Stamp II system. Originally it had no analog capability and was used to monitor door openings and other events. It stored the time-stamped instances in the Stamp EEPROM.
Later a more sophisticated system was made with two analog channels . It is used to test re-chargable batteries with repeated charge-discharge cycles, hence the name.
The most recent change uses a Stamp IISX for more memory and to provide a serial output for logging.
It has an internal line-powered power supply with a re-chargable battery backup for the real-time clock. The battery under test, its load, and charging circuit are connectd by a convenient jig, which is permanently mounted

These are photos of the device:

Here are the circuit diagrams

Here is the code for the battery test application
Here is the battery connection jig