A group of devices for acquiring sensor and electrical information and storing or transmitting the information in digital form. They all have clock-calendars.

A mobile logger using an Arduino.

This was my first Arduino project.

A  battery-powered logger with a RF receiver which receives all my messages, displays them, and logs them to a SD module.

It also has four voltage inputs.

It has both Picaxe and Arduino micro-controllers.

A mobile environmental logger using an 18M2. This was used on the back seat of our car during road trips.

I runs off a car battery.

A battery-powered transmittimg DAU. The upper part was my original environmental monitor, which is now replaced by the Weather Logger. 

The lower unit used to have a SD drive, bt it broke, so now it has a transmitter instead.

It has voltage and serial digital inputs and connectors for external probes and a speaker.

A transmitting Analog/Digital data acquisition system. The lower unit is very, very old and originally outputted to the parallel port of a PC. It has many inputs and a temperature sensor. It outputs analog voltages to the upper part which has a battery, two picaxe micro-controllers, a RTC and a transmitter.