Gesture Clock Normal Operation 

 Normal operation is obtained on boot or by blue light in Setup Operation.

 This Time Display is the default screen when first powered and also when returning from Setup Operation.

It is also obtained by a right gesture from the Date-Year Display or the Battery Voltage Display..

It is 24-hour format and updates every second.

This Day-Month Display is obtained by a right gesture from the Time Display.

This Date-Year Display is obtained by a right gesture from the Day-Month Display.

This is obtained by a left gesture from any of the clock displays. A valid reading needs a wait from boot because the measurement is averaged from multiple readings.

It makes  updates at intervals of several seconds.

There are also up and down gesture displays and operations which are difficult to photograph since they are transient and the gesture interferes with the camera’s view.

The up gesture displays this message “This was made by John Saunders in 2024” using five phases. It then extends the timeout and returns to the previous display. 

Timeout can only be disabled by the up position of the toggle switch.Its value is set by the program. It could have been made user-settable but that would require including EEPROM.h since the DS3231, unlike the DS1307 has no user-accessible battery-backed memory.

The down gesture displays this message “Manual timeout” using two phases. It then returns the clock to standby mode. Down gesture does not work if the clock is in a shelf or table; you get the up operation instead.