Gesture Clock RTC Setting

Clock Setting operation is entered from any Normal Display by a red light.

When in Clock Setting a green light saves any changes back to the DS3231.

When in Clock Setting a blue light returns to Normal Operation without saving changes,

This display appears for a short time when Clock Setting operation is first entered. 

The current time is stored separately for adjustment and is not afterwards updated during Clock Setting operation.

Then the adjust minutes display appears. 

his display is typical of five for minutes, hours, date, month and day-of-week.

Month is shown as a number: January is 1.

Day-of-week is also shown as a number. Monday is 1 and Sunday is a (Biblical?) 7.

Year is two digit, “20” is not displayed.

A left gesture goes to the hours adjustment display from any of the others.

A right gesture cycles through the others in a round-robin fashion.

An up gesture increments the current value up to its appropriate limit. For date this is 31 regardless of month. 

A down gesture decrements the current value down to its appropriate limit. For date, month and day-of-week this is 1. For year this is 24.