The purpose of this device is to receive, display, and store broadcast radio messages from remote devices. These message arrive at unpredictable times according to the design of the remote. These times made be of varying periods, or the triggered by local events.

The messages include multiple fields separated by commas for spreadsheets.

This device also measures the local environment and its utilities. These measurements are displayed and recorded periodically at a rate which is user defined in Preferences.

Since it is battery powered it has an active mode and a low-power standby mode, during which all activities are suspended. It has only one user control, which is a pushbutton which controls switching between Active and Standby modes. During active operation control is by five touch button areas on the color graphics display.

It has two micro-controllers. A Picaxe is always on, but consumes only 26 uA in Standby, Its function is to control orderly power up and down of the second micro-controller, a Teensy 3.6 running at a reduced speed of 48 MHz to conserve power. The Teensy performs all functions except measuring the batter voltage.

        All the time that the Teensy is powered, it is storing data in a 16 gb micro Secure Digital chip in its built-in drive. This includes:

    * Messages received by the RF receiver as they are received, 6 of 13 possible messages are processed.

    * Local environment measurements by a BME680 module which is outside of the enclosure. An ‘e’ messages, one per measurement,:includes temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas quality.

    * The battery voltage measurement is transmitted from from the Picaxe. One ‘q’ message is sent with the Environment message. It also includes a measurement of the charging voltage.

    * Messages received by the RF receiver are recorded as they are received.

    All messages are are time tagged and put into the same file, white name is changed daily. It is put into a pre-installed month directory, in a year directory.

Because the SD chip is physically inaccessible. means are provided to read out the contents of a user-selected file via the Teensy USB connector.


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