John’s Power Supplies

Small 2A DC power supply with preset and variable voltages, with meters

A relic

Duplex relay-controlled outputs and 20V.

Replaced by the Computer Power Control

Handy little fixed and variable power supply with Li Battery and charger.

Turns on the Mac Peripherals Power when the Mac Mini is running. Also accessories by switches.

This is a battery charger for NiMh and gel-cell batteries

Made especially to charge the auxiliary battery of a Prius hybrid

A  2.2 AH 2-cell Li-Ion battery and stepped charger with load compensation

Precise 2MA in 80 log steps from 6 to 100V with meter.

10A benchtop with dual precise bipolar and AC outputs and meters

A 12V charger with current limiting and a meter,

A constant-current regulator for driving high-power LEDs illuminating curios only during evening hours

A Solar Charging System fot NiMh batteries

5,  2.1 AH 5-cell NIMH batteries in series with picaxe control using themisters and a charger.