A control transmitter using a rotary switch and a toggle switch

This design was made big enough to have good labeling for all twelve positions of the rotary device selector switch.
This design is predicated on getting a minature toggle switch with double-pole momentary-off-momentary action, not a popular option. The device to be controlled is selected by a rotary switch, and the toggle switch initiates transmission of ON or OFF codes for up and down. It is quicker than the pushbutton transmitters since no wait for multiple presses is needed,
It uses an analog approach for determining the rotary switch position which depends on the close matching typical of DIP resistor packs.

This device is included here since it controls lamps. It is also part of the Weather Logging System

This is the inside. The design is not very compact in the top but is just deep enough for the rotary switch. The top is high-quality 1/8" plywood from a craft store and the bottom is wood-grain Formica.The rotary switch pokes through a hole in the circuit board. This switch is a military type thanks to buying a pallet-load of spare aircraft communication panels at a Navy auction for $75.

Here is the circuit diagram. The toggle switch being double-pole greatly simplifies the circuit.

The normal control codes are specified with a DATA string. The three counter-clockwise positions are for selecting the field to display on the Data Display. These use a key code of "O" plus a display code following "A" through "F".

Here is the program code.