A set of RF transmitters and receivers for controlling lighting, etc

My home automation network has grown to 44 devices comprising both manual and timed transmissions which may be single-character or multi-byte messages. All contain micro-controllers.
They form a mesh with various interoperability regimes. Transmissions are asynchronous at 2400 baud and last less than 100 milliseconds. The protocol used totally prevents false activation, but there are missed messges, They all use the same $5 Radiotronics transmit and receive modules.The RF components use AMK (ON-OFF) keying in the 433.92 MHZ ISM band, which may have a range up to 1 Km..
The main problem to be solved is the frequent bursts from other sources, and the continual noise pulses from the receiver.
The transmitters provide short bursts with a format which may be used for any of the receivers. The action taken by a receiver then depends on the command in the message. This may be easily changed in the microcontroller program.
Here is a discussion of the problems which were solved to get reliable control.

This section is confined to a subset of transmitters which are manually operated and receivers which activate relays controlling line receptacles in NEMA enclosures.
There are many other devices with transmit or receive capabiluty but their main function causes them to be assigned to a different group.
Each action of each channel in this group has a unique code. This can be changed by re-progranmming its micro-controller which is rarely done as is their location. The transmitters are all battery-powered, and are hand-held, excet for the Gate..



3-button Control
4-Outlet Receiver
10-positionn Control
Cube Alarm Receiver
OLED Universal Control
Clear Box Receiver
12-Position Control
3-Outlet Receiver
Pentagon Control
Control border=3
Display Cabinet Receiver
Gate Control
Gate Transmitter
Alarm Receiver border=3
Ceiling Light Alarm Receiver
Transparent Control
Transparent Control
Single-Outlet Receiver
LCD Universal Control
Girl Fountain Remote Controll
Fountain Control
7-Position Control