Pentagon control transmitter with six large colored buttons

This is a grown-up successor to the three-button transmitter. It is cute and versatile, since it can generate all of the control messages in use. However, it is not much used because it is too bulky for convenient hand-held use. Moreover its design does not lend itself to labeling and there are too many simultaneous combinations to remember.
Its construction was prompted by the availability of large buttons in six colors, prompting its pentagonal shape.
However its good looks qualify it for a place in our living room.

This is the inside. The buttons are so large that the circuit had to be divided into two boards jammed beteen the buttons.
The antenna is wound around the sides and is made with litz wire from a CRT yoke.

Here are the circuit diagrams. These are arcade-quality buttons with real SPDT microswitches. Being double-throw greatly simplifies the circuit compared with the 3-button transmitter.

Here is the program code for generating all possible 63 control codes. However only 41 can be sent using 1,2 or 3 buttons at once. The codes are specified with a DATA table and are not the latest.