Secure Digital Writer and LCD Display

This project is flexible enough for use with many instruments which uprovide a serial output with messages of less than 85 characters. These outputs can be viewed in the Picaxe Editor Terminal or Windows Hyperterminal programs but this is not very convenient.
The incoming messsages are displayed on a 4x20 LCD screen and recorded on a Secure Digital chip. The recordings are time-tagged and placed in year and month sub-directories. One file is generated per day, ad the filename indicates the date
There is a Setup page on the display which provides:
1. A choice of baud rates and polarities.
2. A choice of filename prefixes.
3. A choice of .CSV or .TXT suffixes for the filename.
4. The date and time.
Only software changes were required for the new Weather System, and then only to put its two kinds of messages into diffeent files. It is powered by the 8V supply in the Controller via a cable from its 25-pin connector. Another cable carries the messages.

These are the instructions for the Secure Digital Writer
These are the circuit diagram of the Secure Digital Writer
This is the processor program
Frontof Box
Top of Box
Back of Box
Inside of Box
A message