Security and Environmental Logger

Since 2006 I have almost continuously logged first the gate switch, followed soon by the environmental signals in the Sensor Box. This was with a different control unit which originally used a Parallax Stamp2SX, which was changed in 2010 to a PICAXE 40X2. By 2015 the Solar Transmitter was in use with its output received by the Flower Receiver and logged by the Logging Terminal. Since this resulted in two recording modules, modifications to the long-time Environmental Logger were evaluated to add a RF receiver, but this was impractical.
Instead a controller was made out of a 2008 data acquisition project unit which was not in use. In 2012 modifications were started but abandoned. It was thought that the 2012 controller would be easily modified. It was, but not that easily.
Of the other units in this system only the Adapter is new, and that uses the existing Driveway patrol interface. None of the other units needed hardware modifications.
The system is powered by 12 VDC from a commercial Uninterruptable Power Supply.
The Controller, the Logging Terminal and the Adapter are CO-located in a wooden "Cradle" in the garage, which is connected to the Patio Sensor Box outside by a cable.

The RF messages are also logged by the OLED Logger, which also has its own analog inputs.

It records three kinds of files on a Secure Digital memory which is formatted with year and month subdirectories.
The first kind of file records environmental parameters once per minute. It has 18 fields.

The second file records only when a security event occurs. It has 7 fields. Both have a time-tag at the beginning of each record and the date as part of the file name
The other files are from RF messages from other devices not associated with environment or security. These are not displayed on any controller page, and are recorded in separate files for convenience.

The components of the System Diagram below are described in the next page.