Scientech Meter 

  This is for the greybox labelled "John's Neopixel Meter".

  The box was originally a power meter from Scientech, bought cheap in 2008 when it became obsolete.

  This is the 3rd project in it. Only the attenuator was retained from the previous version.

  It is a volt and current measuring device with digital readout and crude neopixel analog display.

  It originally had an analog meter which was destroyed and replaced bt a 15-LED 90-degree neopixel arc.

  The program is for a Spark Fun 5V MiniPro P323P at 16 MHz.

  It is connected to the following:

  A 12-position voltage and current network with an 60-mv output.

  A X50 amplifier to boost the output to 3V.

  A 3.5 mm stereo audio jack connected to a X21 differential amplifier with CM range +/- 10V.

  This is primarily for an old analog volt-ammeter with 18 ranges and 200 mv output.

  A 6-pin DIN connector for an external transmitter module

  A DS1302 RTC. The OLED monochrome HD graphics display. 

 The neopixel arc.

  Efforts were required to minimize global memory use since the display uses half of it.

  The required using EEPROM for constants and using a DS1302 instead of a DS.3234