Security and Environmental Logger Controller

This box was originally made in 2008 as part of a data acquisition system, but it was cumbersome to use and was shelved for years. In 2012 it was started to be upgraded. The middle button was replaced by a rotary encoder and the temperature sensor and photocell were added. However this project was shelved with the necessary chassis changes incomplete and the board unmodified.
Initially, the only addition to the board was for the new rotary encoder, but some additional small changes were made to suit the outputs of the Patio Sensor Box.
The chassis had been fitted with a transmitter, not a receiver, so this was deleted, and a more efficient 12V to 8V switching converter power supply put in.
The software was re-written from scratch, retaining only the display utilities. The board still has the obsolete 40X1 processor, which required some shuffling of ports since this chip is atypical of other Picaxes. The ReadTemp command only works with Input not portc ports, as do the interrupts. The @bptrinc command is not valid, so the scratchpad had to be used for the serial inputs and outputs, instead of RAM.
However, the result is an improvement over the Environmental Logger since the rotary switch allows for several uncluttered pages to display the measurements with good labelling. The board has space for additional circuitry and is easily removed.
Here are photographs

Here are the circuit diagrams

Here is the source code.