A logger with an opto-isolated current input, analog meter, and SD Writer

A replacement Spa Thermostat using a 14M2

A PICAXE refurbishes a 40-year old autoranging Volt-Ohmmeter.

A standalone AC wattmeter measures true watts from 20 to 2000 full-scale. it also measures and displays current and line voltage, and accumulated watt-hours

An interface for a sensor for Carbon Dioxide, Methane and LPG gas. It displays and transmits messages of its measurements.

A portable meter to measure DC or AC currents with  ranges from 50 micro-amperes to 5 amperes

This is both an altimeter and a barometer depending on the code.

A multi-meter with digital and simulated analog output using neopixels

This is used for measuring rechargable batteries.

A device to quickly sort transistors according to polarity, pinout, and chemistry

A 2-input voltmeter with serial output