A display using 600 mostly green LEDs in a 12 x 50 matrix.

This  consists of a full-color cylindrical lamp and matched control communicating via 433 MHz transmissions.

A 320x240  pixel color TfT display uses a Teensy and a Picaxe to show and store remote and local sensor data

Weather Data is read on a dial and on an OLED Display

A hand-held self-contained wood box using an Arduino which displays Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, and Heading

A LED house number display activated by Radar which switches to "Hello" when approached.

A decorative display with flashing rgb lights

A decorative display in a tall bottle

Displays the spa or ambient temperature

 4 digital LED displays are driven using using a Picaxe  and a RF receiver to show remote sensor and time data.

A 64x32 pixel 3-color LED matrix using an Arduino Mega to drive the display and a Picaxe to receive remote sensor and time data