John's microcontroller projects

John keeps busy and exercises his brain and hands by making microcontroller devices. For inquiries and comments: Please no ads.

He usually makes a nice oak cabinet for them.

This is a window fan which switches on when it gets cooler outside
This is a battery charger for NiMh and gel-cell batteries
This uses a very old parallel keyboard with a new life with PICAXE projects.
This is both an altimeter and a barometer depending on the code.
This is a Alpha-Numeric LED display demonstrating keyboard control and real-time clock.
This is used for measuring rechargable batteries.
This is the wooden Art-Deco cabinet of a 1941 GE model LCP-609 AM tube radio, with entirely modern electronics inside.
This displays serial digital inputs on an analog meter.
A 10 cps mechanical counter with a choice of voltage or contact-closure input.
A PICAXE refurbishes a 40-year old autoranging Volt-Ohmmeter.
Automatic switches to save standby power.
Several devices using simple AM TX/RX modules for control
Several devices using simple AM TX/RX modules for data communications
A display using 600 mostly green LEDs in a 12 x 50 matrix.
A Battery Charger for 12-volt Gel Cells.
A constant-current regulator for driving high-power LEDs illuminating curios only during evening hours
A device to quickly sort transistors according to polarity, pinout, and chemistry
A replacement Spa Thermostat using a 14M2
Displays the spa or ambient temperature
A hand-held self-contained wood box using an Arduino which displays Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, and Heading.
A 64x32 pixel 3-color LED matrix using an Arduino Mega to drive the display and a Picaxe to receive remote sensor and time data
A 320x240 pixel color TfT display uses a Teensy and a Picaxe to show and store remote and local sensor data
This uses a cheap clock which is actually driven by a DS3231
A 24-Alpha-Numeric LED clock in a wood box mounted on pillars from a solid walnut base..
I took a very old Nixie clock off the shelf and reworked it with a PICAXE
A big LED clock made from junk
A unique clock in a preserve jar which is controlled solely by tilting.
A bedside clock in a cigar box with big OLED characters which is turned on momentarily by pressing to top.
A clock in an custom carved hardwood box which is turned on by lifting its lid.
A clock with a graphics color display in a hardwood box
A small clock in a nice oak box
A battery-operated clock in a small wood box
A meter to measure voltages and currents, display them, transmit them, and show on an arc of neopixels
An OLED I2C Clock
An interface for a sensor for Carbon Dioxide, Methane and LPG gas. It displays and transmits messages of its measurements.
A replacement using a 14M2 for a 19-year-old discrete IC wire-wrap board
A thermostatically-controlled Exhaust Fan.
A 2.2 AH 2-cell Li-Ion battery and stepped charger with load compensation
A Solar Charging System
A decorative display in a tall bottle
A LED strip activated by radar used as a nightlight.
A LED house number display activated by Radar which switches to "Hello" when approached.
Weather Data is read on a dial and on an OLED Display
5, 2.1 AH 5-cell NIMH batteries in series with picaxe control using themisters and a charger.
A standalone AC wattmeter measures true watts from 20 to 2000 full-scale. it also measures and displays current and line voltage, and accumulated watt-hours
A decorative display with flashing rgb lights
This is a set of illuminated ornaments with various kinds of LEDs. They are controlled remotely by several of the transmitters in the RF Control section.
This consists of a full-color cylindrical lamp and matched control communicating via 433 MHz transmissions.
This is a battery-powered microwave motion sensor using doppler radar technology. It has its own indicators and relay plus control and information 433 MHz transmissions.
This has a 433 MHz receiver which converts received messages to formatted Bluetooth transmissions.
A logger with an opto-isolated current input, analog meter, and SD Writer.
A mobile logger using an Arduino
A battery-powered, RF receiver which receives all my messages, displays them, and logs them to a SD module.
A 2-input voltmeter with serial output
A comprehensive system for continuously displaying and recording security events and environmental measurements.
A transmitting Analog/Digital data acquisition system
A mobile environmental logger using an 18M2

Picaxe 08M/M2 Picaxe 14M/M2 Picaxe 18-20X/M2/X2 Picaxe 28X1 Stamp II Ardurino No micro

The PICAXE Basic code for these projects is here